Kim Welch at FitGolf Sacramento.                            michael sato on Vimeo
“I’ve been consistently training with FitGolf in Sacramento for about 9 months now, and this is by far the strongest and most flexible that I have ever felt.  The stability and strength that I feel in my swing is something that I feel has allowed me to be a more consistent and more powerful ball-striker.  My trainer, Greg, knows exactly how to tailor my program to fit my needs as a golfer – specifically, a golfer who is on the road 9 months a year.  More importantly, Greg understands the injuries I’ve sustained in the past and is able to build a program that not only works around the injury, but also works towards strengthening those weaker areas.”

Kim Welch

Kim Welch
Kim was one The Golf Channels, “Big Break: Kaanapali” and will be going into the 3rd stage of Q school next week follow Kim on Twitter @MissKimWelch. Kim also shot a 4 under on the final day of third stage of Q-School to make the tour. Congratulations Kim. Well done!

Doug Grandy “I first visited Fitgolf in the mid 90’s, Suffering from acute L4-L5 rupture, caused or at least contributed significantly by my 70’s style, Johnny Miller type, reverse “C” swing.  They fixed my swing so that now one of the best things I can do if my back is acting up is to play a round of golf.  Even though I had one of the worst possible kinds of disc issues, a loose fragment, with Fitgolf’s help I manage it just fine, and there was no surgery.Now I’m back with Fitgolf working on my golf fitness.  I’m understanding the physiology and anatomy of the swing much more, doing exercises the strengthen key weaknesses (finding out what the key weaknesses are!) and just feel more on top of the swing musculature.  I can make mid round corrections better. I am also finding that my posture is improving, my general health is better, and I feel better.  I have been playing for 45 years, have a single digit handicap, and have been a lifelong regular exerciser. I would think one would gain even more from the guys at FitGolf if you’d played not as long, or didn’t exercise much”

Doug Grandy, Sacramento, CA

 “I started working with Greg after I was on The Big Break, Greenbrier in 2012. My back hurt all the time but worst of all, my range of motion was very limited. Luckily I met Jim and Greg at the Sacramento Fit Golf Performance Center. They started me with an evaluation and a program tailored just for my special needs as a professional golfer. After working with Greg, I started feeling more balanced, powerful and flexible. The Fit Golf program has made me a new golfer and all my new personal goals have been accomplished. I highly recommend Fit Golf to any player, regardless of any level, as you will not regret it!”Isaac Sanchez, Big Break Greenbrier, FitGolf Sacramento Client  Isaac Sanchez1000729_10201176309483667_527342804_n
 Isaac Before FitGolfIsaac Sanchez Before FitGolf Isaac working out at FitGolf  Isaac After FitGolfIsaac Sanchez after FitGolf